Saturday, November 10, 2012

... And then I met Nora Roberts

I <3 Nora Roberts. Last weekend was my best friends birthday, and she requested a day spent in Boonsboro at a Nora Roberts book signing. Which is obviously Reason #423 that we're friends.

So we went. And I set an alarm on a Saturday morning and Metro'ed into DC in the early morning to wait in the freezing cold for my best friend to pick me up and take me to the middle-of-nowhere Maryland where we stood in the cold even longer to buy our books and then stood in line in the cold AGAIN to get them signed.

And then it was all worth it because I met Nora Roberts.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doctoring It

I'm weirdly straight-laced, just ask my sister who has been picking on me because of it for... oh... 25 years. I blame my parents, though "blame" probably isn't the right term. And "thank" doesn't necessarily seem appropriate here either. Whatevs. I am who I am. Thanks to high school I learned to accept that early on. Ha!

ANYWAY this bit of evidence even had me shaking my head at myself afterward.

BACKGROUND: I had a routine check-up today with a new doctor.

EVIDENCE: Excerpt from conversation with my new doctor.

Doc: Do you smoke?
Me: No.
Doc: Do you drink?
Me: Occasionally. I have a glass of wine here and there.
Doc: Do you take drugs?
Me: Only when I have a headache or something. Then I usually take Tylenol or ibuprofen.
Doc: (after a half beat) I meant cocaine, meth, heroin... that sort of thing.
Me: (horrified) Oh! No! No. God no. Definitely not.
(insert nervous laugh)
Me: (5 seconds later while rubbing my sweaty palms on my paper gown) NO.

Oh. And here's a picture of a baby walrus to make your visit worthwhile.