Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gettin' Hitched - Gettin' Ready

We lucked out with an absolutely beautiful day for our wedding. That's always a worry when you decide to get married outside - but on our day the Northern Michigan weather cooperated (for the most part!).

The wedding and reception all took place that a historic inn right on Hubbard Lake called The Churchill Pointe Inn. We couldn't have asked for a better location, because not only was the wedding on the lawn and the reception in the restaurant, but we also stayed there in one of the rooms upstairs! It doesn't get more all-inclusive than that! My sister and I stayed in the suite the night before - and many of our family members stayed in the other rooms. There are only 8 rooms available - so the rest of the guests stayed in the nearby town of Alpena. But for those of us who got rooms - we were treated to an amazing breakfast the next morning (complete with gluten free french toast - omg! ridiculously delicious!) overlooking the water. 

From there it was just a matter of setting up the restaurant for the reception (which I'll cover in another post!) and then running upstairs to shower and start getting ready!

We all did our own hair and makeup - DIY to the end!

My fabulous book paper bouquet from Momichka on Etsy
 At some point J arrived from the other side of the lake where he had spent the night and started getting ready in a different room of the Inn. I sent him down a card while we were both prepping and in return got a handwritten "Ditto." The man has a way with words - what can I say?


Apparently it took the girls a little longer to get ready - so the boys went out and took some pictures while the lake was still calm.
Lacing me up took forever - but once we were done we knew it wasn't going anywhere!

The scrunchy nose smile is one of the few traits we share!
And a veil on top to complete the prep.
Mom approves.
And so does Dad.
There are pictures of her from when she was my age - we look SO much alike.

The fam before we became one larger.
Daddy's Girl
This pretty much sums up our relationship.
<3 her always

And then it was time!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was J's birthday, and since I'm the amazing wife that I am, we celebrated in style.

And by "in style" I mean I made special scrambled eggs for dinner... and by "special" I mean - geezus, I made something, isn't that special enough? GET.OFF.ME.

Next we watched two pirated perfectly legal episodes of Breaking Bad while eating popcorn and trying to throw said popcorn to strategic locations so that the bagel would get the helloutta the way of the computer screen.

And then we followed that up with stale cupcakes I bought on my lunch break at the grocery store across the street.

Cupcake proof!

This had to be cropped out. It's not your birthday, bagel!

Pretty special, right?

Happy Birthday, Babe!