Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baby B!

Clearly I've take an extended vacation from blogging here. It's mostly because my computer is a POS and take sooooo long to download pictures from my DSLR and then freezes when I try to upload those pictures to the blog... So I need a new computer, and I'm bummed to not be using my DSLR as much, but since my phone takes good pictures, I really have no excuse to not be blogging!

ANYWAY - the biggest update is our little DIY project, Alice, arrived at the end of May! She was a healthy 7lbs 3oz, and 20 inches long. I had her at a birthing center and gave birth in the birthing pool. It was an amazing experience - and one that was MUCH harder than I ever anticipated! I'll have to share my birth story at some point - it had its share of excitement!

Pictures from her first month:

Our first picture of Ms. Alice

Heading home!
Our first family photo

Grammy and Papa came to meet Alice when she was 2 days old

Aunt Aubyn came too

Aftermath of her first sponge bath

All smiles at her 10 day appt - back up to birth weight!

Our first official outing had to be to Sears
Napping with Daddy
More naps with Daddy

First trip to the National Arboretum
There seems to be lots of napping photos!
Photos of weeks 1-4