Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

GAH! I am SO excited to post about the guest bedroom transformation!! But it has to wait another week until my parents come to visit since I've made it a surprise.  Until then, I'll post a 'progress' picture. Yikes.

On a non-home-improvement note, J's sister and kids were here last weekend for their first visit to DC! It actually ended up being perfect timing because the cherry blossoms bloomed a few weeks early this year due to the abnormally mild winter!  I had to share a couple of my favorite shots from the weekend!

J and I enjoying the blossoms - and the 80+ degree heat. I definitely got a pretty awful sunburn. Wedding dress tan fail.

Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin

FDR Memorial in bloom! This is by far my favorite memorial or monument out of all of them!

Trying to fit in.

The new MLK memorial - complete with controversial quote taken out of context.  We heard recently that they'll be fixing it soon.

The Obama pad

Crab feast at Cantler's in Annapolis!

Jack getting up close and personal with an ancestor at the Natural History Museum.

We had a fantastic time playing tourist with them over the weekend! And I am SO glad that guest room was finished for them - because we also have my Grandparents visiting this weekend, followed by my parents the next weekend!  Got it done by the skin of my teeth! :)


  1. Cute blog. :)

    FYI - On my end your pictures run underneath your sidebar.

    1. Oh man! Thanks for pointing that out! It took me a few minutes but I think I figured out how to fix it!