Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Loooooooong Overdue Kitchen Update

Gosh I suck at this sometimes. I definitely enjoy doing the projects more than I do posting about them! That being said - the kitchen still isn't quite finished and we're over a year from the first day of demo. Whoops. Life and things.

We're super close to being done though. I just need to get my butt in gear, and now that it's fall and the mosquitoes have died down and I can spend time outside again without being eaten alive... I'm trying my best to knock this out finally.

I'm skipping a bunch of steps and just going straight to now. Just know that there was a $h!t ton of electrical and plumbing, and cabinet hanging, and drywall skimming, and undercabinet lighting, and backsplash installing, and cabinet building (I built two! By myself! And they work!), and countertop installing (and then reinstalling because the first ones were the wrong size), and floor laying, and, and, and now we're at the final (kinda) step of putting up crown molding!

I made the decision to build the upper cabinets up to the ceiling because it's a small space and I wanted to draw the eyes upwards. I used boards to gain height above the cabinets and now with the addition of a few pieces of crown molding I'm glad I made that decision - it just looks so much more REGAL up in here.

See that open cabinet in the corner? I totes built that sucker.

Maybe one day I'll go back and touch on some of the more specific steps (if anyone is interested - let me know!). In the meantime lets all just step back and bow and/or curtsy in the presence of this crown.

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