Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Baby B!

This post is just an excuse to get caught up on posting pictures from A's second month of life!
One-month photo shoot with Pooh!
She's already working the camera. Haha!
Daddy giving A her first bottle
Loving every second of our naps
Not so sure about this car seat contraption
We started getting social smiles right at the beginning of July! Mother Nature really knows when to throw you a bone! 

I love how she grabs on to me when she's sleeping

So sleepy still!

Someone LOVES bath time!

Grammi and Papa came to visit again after the 4th of July
Haha! Still working on that neck control!
Love all of her facial expressions

After she eats she likes to stand on the nursing pillow and attack me

First time trying out the activity mat
Napping with mama
Check out those dimples!
Rob, Lauren, and Max came to visit!
She makes Max look so massive!

This picture is hard to boost, but it's important to remember the hard parts too, right? She had screamed for probably and hour before finally falling asleep here. You can tell I've been crying too - sometimes it's pretty overwhelming.
But she makes up for those overwhelming moments by being so darn cute!

It finally cooled off a bit one day so we were able to take a long walk around the neighborhood without dying of heat stroke.
First nap in her crib!
Someone told us that their baby wouldn't let her put bows on her when she was older because she never put them on her earlier. So we decided we should practice some bow wearing.
What a great accessory!
Baby and mama selfie!
Checking out Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens for the first time 
Daddy came too!
This series cracks me up! Alice and Nora's first play date. That lower lip is going to get Al out of so much when she gets older!
"I'm crabby!"
Coffee date with other "Pajama Mamas" at Vigilante
Swinging the day away

Month two!! What a (overall) happy baby we have!

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